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Personal Wealth & Estate

Clients who now see retirement as a reality and clients who found financial success earlier on in life require a team with a suite of advanced individual wealth strategies that will present you with ALL the solutions. This is not a standard conversation about asset allocation. This goes much deeper.

It’s a process that will likely introduce you to new concepts, strategies, and possibilities, and you will probably begin asking questions that you never knew to ask. Whether it’s retirement income planning, advanced tax deferral strategies, estate preservation, asset transfers, or charitable impact, we think your views of what financial planning really is will change.


Protection (First)

Verify that what you’ve accomplished so far is protected from the unexpected

Sufficiency (Next)

Make sure you maintain sufficiency to cover what’s expected

Surplus (Ultimately)

Grow your surplus for the opportunity to enjoy more than what you expect

The Process

You should expect a process that is thorough, informative, isn’t rushed, and necessitates multiple virtual and/or in-person meetings. Each client works at his or her own pace and you can expect us to work at a pace that’s comfortable for you. You will be able to compare and test multiple scenarios that are consistent with your goals, timeframes, and views toward risk.

We kindly ask that you join us for meetings promptly and prepared with the information needed and we ask you to consider our firm to implement appropriate financial tools and products if you find value in our strategies and suggestions.

Here’s what you can expect:

Inventory Everything You’d Like to Accomplish
This is where we learn everything we can about you so we could offer you new ways of thinking about your finances and share how we could help.

Get Organized & Create Plan
We’ll organize your existing assets, liabilities, cash flow, and commitments so that we could map out a strategy to help you bridge your current and ideal financial positions.

Risk and Asset Protection Analysis
We examine your current exposure to unexpected risks that could unhinge everything you’ve built so far and provide concrete guidance on how to reduce your exposure and give you the ability to cope with events beyond your control.

Identify, Align, & Implement Strategies
Once we’ve protected what you have today, it’s time to think about tomorrow. We explore different strategies, practices, investments, and investment accounts to help you accumulate sufficient resources throughout your career, retirement, and beyond.

Stay On Track
Creating a plan is just the beginning. Staying on track is a lifelong process. We’ll be there along the way to help with accountability, adjustments, and support.



How To Get Started

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